Since its founding in 2009, Wilde Press has published over forty student manuscripts. No two books are alike, as each is unique in its form, voice, genre, and story. Below you’ll find a list of each publication, organized by semester. Wilde Press is a team of students working together to share student stories, and supporting the authors is always our top priority.

The first Wilde Press book to published digitally was Marissa Tandon’s Project Z on Issuu. Since 2015, every Wilde Press book has been made into an e-book. You can view a library of these publications here.

Many Wilde Press publications are on Goodreads! You can check out the full library of Wilde Press’ publications and reviews here.

All Publications:

Spring 2009:
Ablaze, Ablaze by Drew Heron

Spring 2010:
This Is Not Profanity by Matt DeFaveri

Spring 2011:
You’ll Miss Me But That’s Good by Michelle Cheever

Spring 2012:
Sweet Baby Jesus! by Caroline Praderio

Spring 2013:
The Mousetrap Rose by cj nadeau
Who Gave These Flamingos Those Tuxedos? by Donnie Welch

Spring 2014:
Animal Magnetism by Meaghan O’Brien
Only Show in Town by Bobby Crawford

Spring 2015:
When the Gardner Has Left by Kieran Collier
The Incredible Superfets by Michael J. Schuck

Spring 2016:
Gay by May by David Carliner
These Thoughts That Hold Us by Sarah Cummings

Spring 2017:
Middlelands by Al Reitz
Lo Siento Miguel by Andrew Siañez-De La O

Spring 2018:
Beautiful Homeland Mother Earth by Patrick Groleau
Wandering & Other Stories by Melissa Close

Spring 2019:
Bird Folk by Antonio Weathers
Here, There, & Everywhere by Rebekah Scarborough

Spring 2020:
The Biography of an Unknown Soldier by Andi Smith
Para Curarte by Ximena Delgado

Spring 2021:
The Destruction of One, Penelope Evans by Isabella Rodrigues
Rootlines by Kelsey Day

Spring 2022:
Fame and Other Candies by Haley Souders
Shrine Maiden by DS Oswald

Spring 2023:
This Cursed Death by Teya Sorenson
The Neural Network by Maddie Gregorski

Spring 2024:
The Comedic Tragedy of Vendetta Rhodes by Sunsarrah Henderson
Meet Me at Harvest Moon by Callan Whitley

Fall 2009:
Taking it All Off by Ann Chang

Fall 2010:
I Am Happy You Are Here by Sean Van Deuren

Fall 2011:
Yuck by Sara Zuckerman

Fall 2012:
Bad Poetry by Kaleb Worst
Escape Artists Never Look Back by Frank Gao

Fall 2013:
Milburn by Katherine Bove
Project Z by Marissa Tandon

Fall 2014:
Hypergraphia by Brenna Kleiman The World From Jar by Rebecca Crandall

Fall 2015:
To the Strangers, from Far Away by Bailey Tamayo
Venetian Blue and Other Obscene Colors by Sahalie Angell Martin

Fall 2016:
Memories of an Old World by Julio Cesar Villegas
Bruises by Elizabeth Capot

Fall 2017:
Under Floorboard, Under Skin by Allison Rassman
Butterflies Behind Glass & Other Stories by Kyle Labe

Fall 2018:
Catfish & Other Dead Things by Genna Coleman
Haunting at St. Peter’s Academy by Marissa Secreto

Fall 2019:
Thoughts & Prayers by Owen Elphick
As Most Things Are by Hannah Kelly

Fall 2020:
Seat of the Soul by Clarah Grossman
To Help and to Heal by Katie Lacadie

Fall 2021:
Something More by Audrey Iocca
Letters to Space by Valentine Carr

Fall 2022:
Lisoyid by Karina Jha
Always Winter by Madeline Monroe

Fall 2023:
Twospan Time by Rita Chun
Rose Red by Naomi Bloom