Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge Prompt: Coming soon!

What Happens If I Win?

The winner of the challenge will be posted permanently on our website as well as on our social media accounts. Your account may also be tagged in the post if you choose, or you can remain anonymous.

How Can I Submit?

Emerson students’ submissions may be sent as a pdf or docx that is no longer than five pages to pubclubonline@gmail.com before the closing date. Submissions sent after the date will not be considered.

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions that are discriminatory or contain discriminatory or harmful language with harmful intent will not be considered. Please refrain from using real names unless you have consent from that person. Any complaints from students about the use of their name in a piece will result in disqualification and removal of the piece from our website. The submission must align with the prompt and be no longer than twenty doc pages unless otherwise specified by the prompt. If the piece contains subject matter that may be triggering to an audience, we ask that you please place a trigger warning at the start of the piece. For any questions on whether a trigger warning is needed, email pubclubonline@gmail.com for clarification.