Wilde Press

Wilde Press is an imprint of Pub Club and is the home of the Book Project. Each semester, Wilde Press publishes two 50-80 page student manuscripts. It is a completely collaborative process, with teams such as copyediting, editorial, digital production, design, and marketing working together to complete the final product. The manuscripts are chosen through a voting process, in which everyone involved gets a say.

The cover of Ablaze, Ablaze by Drew Heron, Wilde Press’ first publication

Each book has both a print and digital version, as well as an ISBN. The sales of each book benefit a charity of the author’s choice.

Wilde Press began in the spring of 2009 when it published Ablaze, Ablaze by Drew Heron. Since fall 2012, Wilde Press has upped the ante by publishing two student manuscripts per semester, doubling the amount of work, collaboration, and finished products. Three years later, digital books were produced in addition to physical copies. All books published since then have been available in both formats, and you can see more information on that here

Wilde Press’ forty books and counting have been objects of praise from publications such as The Berkeley Beacon, Your Mag, and Emertainment Monthly (reviews are available here).

Its dedication to its staff and authors enable Wilde Press to consistently publish unique manuscripts. Wilde Press isn’t confined by genre, audience, or the bottom line; instead, its staff is able to emphasize creativity, quality, and inspiration.