Get Involved

All undergraduate students at Emerson College are welcome to get involved, regardless of major or publishing experience. Wilde Press currently has five production teams: editorial, copyediting, marketing, design, and digital production. Students have the chance to sign up for production teams once the semester’s manuscripts have been chosen.

Any student can join two production teams per semester, and the digital production team can be added simultaneously for a third. Students cannot be on both the copyediting and editing teams during the same semester, as the work of the two teams require too much overlap. Sign ups are on a semesterly basis, and students are not bound to any team for more than a semester.

No team has any expectation of knowledge of its team members, and there are often “What the Pub?” training workshops for each team. Each team is also equipped with at least one team head and assistant to help any members of Wilde Press learn the ropes. The digital production team is especially accessible for those willing to learn, and a Dreamweaver workshop is available every semester.

If you’re interested in becoming an assistant for a production team, applications go live at the beginning of each semester. Applications are only available if there are current vacancies, so there may not be an opportunity to apply each semester. Though you don’t need previous Wilde Press experience, you will need to show your skills for your respective team in your application. Production team heads are typically promoted after working as an assistant.

Interested in being one of our authors? Submissions open at the beginning of each semester. Submissions are read blind, meaning that they will be voted upon without knowing the identities of the authors. Check out this blog post that outlines the publishing process in more detail.

Below you’ll find information about each production team and their current heads and assistants.

Editorial is in charge of developing substantial edits to each semester’s manuscripts. The editorial team hosts an author night, and everyone on the team is able to voice their suggestions. The authors then takes these suggestions and makes appropriate changes to their manuscripts. When working on editorial, the team is split in two and assigned a manuscript accordingly. You will have the opportunity to choose which manuscript you’d prefer to work on.

Editorial Head: Margaret Keating and Cindy Tran
Editorial Assistants: HIRING

The copyediting team makes sure the final manuscripts are technically perfect. Wilde Press follows the Chicago Manual of Style, and each manuscript will have its own style guide. As a member of the copyediting team, you will copyedit a section of one manuscript per semester, and you will have the opportunity to choose which manuscript.
The copyediting heads and assistants will be responsible for copyediting the entirety of their respective manuscripts, as well as reviewing the work of the copyediting team.

Copyediting Heads: Anna Phillips and Sam Hinton
Copyediting Assistants: Rachel Choi and Ella Maoz
Proofreaders: HIRING

The marketing team ensures that each manuscript has appropriate and adequate campaign efforts. This includes running social media (including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok), designing and distributing posters around campus, making WLP announcements, and other campaigns. The marketing team also does publicity for the rest of Pub Club, excluding Generic.

Marketing Director: Clara Allison

Digital Publishing
The digital publishing team creates e-books for each manuscript Wilde Press publishes. The majority of this work is completed on “Digital Day,” when the digital team gets together and codes the entirety of the final e-book. Digital Day is one of the last steps of the publishing process and happens near the end of the semester. The director and assistant also host a What the Pub? workshop on Dreamweaver each semester and are available to help new members learn HTML and CSS.

Director of Digital Publishing: Emily Lang
Digital Publishing Assistant: Eva Windler

The design team determines the final look and layout of the manuscripts. The design team utilizes InDesign for the manuscript’s formatting, but previous knowledge is not necessary to get involved. The design team often hosts a What the Pub? workshop for those hoping to start using the program. The cover design is especially worked on by the art director in collaboration with the author.

Art Director: Kate Rispoli
Design Manager: Anya Getschel
Design Assistant: Meg Carey