Literary/Writing Charities to Support

By Meg Rady

As we journey into the new year, many of us have set resolutions to become more charitable. There are many literary and writing charities that are looking for donations, time, and voices to advocate for them. If this sounds like the type of work you would do, here are a few to consider.

  1. Literacy for Incarcerated Teens

Also known as LIT, the nonprofit founded in 2002 aims to address the literacy needs of detained and incarcerated youth in New York City. The organization works to maintain library collections in juvenile justice detention centers and creates literacy programs for age-appropriate groups. Their overall goal is to create enthusiasm and improve literacy for young individuals.  

Here is their website: 

RIF is a nonprofit established in 1996 that aims to promote literacy inside and outside the classroom for American youth. Their work combats the country’s literary crisis, with the understanding that literary proficiency is necessary for developmental growth and development and academic success.They specifically work to support low-income and minority communities that often have less access the books and literary resources. 

To learn more about RIF and how you can support them, check out their website:

3. Worldreader

Worldreader is an international non-profit organization headquartered in Seattle. They support over 22 million readers in 100 countries to promote reading for children ages 3-12. During it’s advent, its goal was to make digital books accessible in under-resourced counties. In 2020, they launched Booksmart, the digital solution app to provide digital books and build the habit of reading at a young age. In 2023, Worldreader won the US Library of Congress Literacy Award.

Click here to learn more about Worldreader and ways to support their work. 

  1. 826 National 

Is a nonprofit organization that is committed to helping students (ages 6-18) improve their creative writing skills. 826 National believes writing empowers young students to be creative innovators and advocates for a better world. They partner with educators and community leaders to amplify young writer’s work. For those who are local, 826 National has a branch in Boston! Find more about the org and how you can help at their website:   

I encourage everyone to check these organizations out, and maybe do your own research. This list is not exhaustive, but it serves as a jumping-off point for those interested in supporting writing and literacy. Additionally, non-profit orgs. aren’t the only way to get involved. It could be as simple as supporting your local bookstore. Websites like are great ways to support independent bookstores, so they can maintain their presence in local communities, and keep the love of reading alive. 

However you choose to support, no contribution is too little. 

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