Best 5 Business Careers for Creatives

With a seemingly infinite number of business programs out there, Emerson’s Business of Creative Enterprises MA is one of a kind. A business degree for creatives, the Business of Creative Enterprises (BCE) program is for artists and innovators seeking to … Continued

Most Frequently Asked Questions about our Marketing, Business, and Leadership Communication Programs

If you’re looking for a graduate program that focuses on marketing, business, or leadership development, you know that there are a myriad of options around the US. In today’s blog, we meet with Charlotte Coberley and Julie Scheinthal, two of … Continued

July 2023 Graduate Newsletter

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The Graduate Student Association is responsible for creating professional and social opportunities for students. This past academic year GSA hosted a variety of activities.

Emerson BCE Graduate Student Prepares for an Exciting Career

Do you have a creative passion that you want to make into a career? Emerson’s online Business of Creative Enterprises (BCE) MA program gives students the tools they need to blend business and creativity. In today’s post, we’re highlighting Olu … Continued

Meet Our Newest Grad Program: Business of Creative Enterprises, MA

As a college that values the power of creative communication, Emerson is always looking for new ways to prepare students for a career in the arts. Now, even those interested in the business side of their creative field can pursue … Continued