ITG Services Faculty Should Take Advantage Of

As we prepare to head into a new school year, remember that ITG is here to help! Take a few minutes to read over this list and get acquainted with the services we offer. Reach out to us at or 617-824-8090 if you need support.

Template courses

Do you ever find yourself wanting to start building a course before the next semester’s courses are in Canvas? We can create a template course for you that will allow you to start work before next semester’s courses are loaded into Canvas. Template courses don’t have any students in them, so no one except you will be able to see your content while you’re still working on it. Then, once the “official” courses are available, you can use the import tool to transfer content from the template to the official course.

Merging Canvas courses

If you’re teaching two sections of a cross-listed course, we can merge those courses for you in Canvas so that you only need to manage one course. Merging will bring your students from both sections together, so they can interact in discussions, group assignments, and peer review assignments. 

If you’re teaching two different sections of the same non-cross-listed course, FERPA makes merging courses more difficult; contact us to learn more about what options are available in this scenario.

Incomplete sections

As you may know, student and instructor participation in Canvas courses ends after the end of the semester the course was taught in. Because of this, if a student of yours is taking an Incomplete, let us know so that we can extend access to the course for you and the student. We will place you and any students needing extended access into a new section of the course that typically has an end date corresponding to the last day of the semester after the course was originally taught. After that date access will end, but feel free to request a different end date if needed.

ITG workshops

New to instructional technology and need to get oriented? Or, maybe you want to brush up on your Canvas or Panopto skills? Check out our workshop offerings at! We offer a few different workshops each semester. All of our faculty development events are also available on the Faculty Development Google Calendar

Course review checklist

Our team of instructional designers has published an extensive course review checklist that they’ve developed over years of support. When you’re done building your course, use this checklist to check your course for typical problem areas. A designer may also be able to complete a course review for you if our team has capacity; email us at to request a course review.

On-demand one-on-one consultations

If you can’t make it to one of our workshops or you need help with a specific problem or set-up you’re looking to achieve, a one on one consultation may be what you need. You can meet with an instructional designer who can help strategize on course design, share practical tips and best practices, and provide Canvas training and support. Or, meet with an instructional technologist if you need help understanding how to use an instructional technology to achieve what you’re looking to do. Email us to request a consultation, and note that we experience high demand at certain times of the year, especially during the few weeks leading up to, and at the start of, each semester.

Featured image by John Schnobrich on Unsplash