What’s New in ITG

ITG is gearing up for the start of a new school year, so here’s a roundup of new features in instructional technology at Emerson!

Canvas: Bulk publishing modules and module items

Publishing modules just got easier with this new feature. On your Modules page, you’ll notice a new button at the top that says Publish All. Click it to expand additional options (Publish all modules and items, Publish modules only, or Unpublish all modules and items):

Screenshot of bulk publish modules menu

The publish button on individual modules has also changed to include additional options (Publish module and all items, Publish module only, or Unpublish module and all items):

Screenshot of bulk publish module items menu

Canvas: SpeedGrader additional quick links 

There are now more ways to access 

the SpeedGrader. From either the Modules or Assignments tabs of your course, you can click the vertical ellipses next to a graded assignment to access the SpeedGrader:

Screenshot of SpeedGrader link from Assignments tab

Canvas: Reply warning for group announcements

Email notifications for group announcements now include a warning that says if you reply to the email notification, your reply will be visible to all members of the group.

Canvas: New Quizzes 

Canvas recently introduced a new quiz engine known as New Quizzes. It can be enabled in your course settings if you’d like to try it out. 

Canvas: Enhanced gradebook features

An enhanced filter option will make it easier to sort through students, but if you’re not aware of this new interface, a few mis-clicks can make it look like students disappeared from your class. Worry not–they are still there! You can learn more about this new feature here, and here is a detailed visual comparison of the old and new gradebook filters.

Canvas: Improvement in Ally guidance on inaccessible PDFs

Our accessibility tool in Canvas, Ally, now provides simpler and more informed step-by-step guidance on how to improve PDF accessibility

Panopto: New retention policy

ITG has implemented a retention policy in Panopto whereby certain videos are archived each month depending on when they were last viewed. Content can be restored from the archive.

Word.Emerson: Proposed new storage limits for sites

We are proposing two changes to help users manage storage space and facilitate a faster load time for sites: a) new sites will start out with a storage quota of 250 MB and b) a max file size upload limit of 2-4MB. We are requesting feedback by August 24th. Our practice of granting additional storage when warranted will continue. This change means that photos may need to be optimized prior to uploading to WordPress; please consult our guide Optimizing Images for WordPress.

Featured image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay