Emerson Resources for Time Management and Study Strategies

In the latest round of updates to the Learning Online orientation course, we’ve added new resources from our partners at the Writing and Academic Resource Center (WARC) to the Netiquette and Time Management module. The new WARC Video Guide includes 3 videos for students:

Time Management & Study Strategies

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Reading Strategies

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Writing and Study Strategies

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Related Resources for Faculty

The Learning Online course is linked in the Orientation module of the ITG template, which is auto-loaded in each Canvas course. Although the above videos are targeted to students, they tie together nicely with some of the themes that have been a part of ITG’s recent faculty development efforts. As a reminder, the following resources were developed to help faculty design their courses in a way to support students’ time management and executive functioning skills:

If you have any questions about the above resources, feel free to reach out to ITG at itg@emerson.edu or 617-824-8090. Students who need help with their time management and study skills can reach out to the WARC.